With a mindset focused on the future of design and education, I practice an always evolving pedagogy embracing new tools, new materials and new fields to continuously evolve my classroom environment.

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Digital Illustration: Student Gallery

Introducing students to vector graphics begins with in-class exercises utilizing sketches on paper as templates, and layered path development using the pen tool. Exercises build upon one another, introducing students to path characteristics, shape-building tools, Effects, Appearance Panel, and Transparency/Masking. Each exercise has students complete a design, sometimes simple, sometimes complex, within the span of a class meeting. As projects develop, I task myself with educating students on aesthetic choices and audience consideration, as well as color schemes and choices to solidify the students’ objectives.

The gallery above highlights students’ first major project utilizing tools in Adobe Illustrator, they are asked to create a vector-based design to highlight a musical artist. Designs incorporate some type of photographic form, to assist in hybridizing the illustrations and textures found in the finished design. 

“Use design as a secret disguise to infiltrate whatever world you want to go into.”
– Michael Beirut