Digital Photography

Introduction to Photography

Digital Photography explores all elements of photograph creation from basic camera usage and software editing standards.

My Digital Photography course is treated as an introduction to cameras, settings, photographic concepts, as well as simple understanding of design as given during critique. The course covers a variety of topics, but I focus my classroom experience on highlighting the strengths in the equipment readily available to students, encouraging an understanding of the weaknesses inherent in any photographic system while highlighting and demonstrating what creative options are available even with the simplest of cameras. To avoid frustrations, I take the time to review all students’ camera equipment and spend the first weeks working on understanding the various settings, common icons, and metering.

The structure of assignments is as follows:

  • A Place You’ve Never Been
  • Architecture
  • Portrait
  • Self-Portrait
  • Experimental Light
  • Photomerge
  • PhotoMontage

The final project is always a series of images that supplements a previous assignment of the students’ choosing. The idea is to create stronger, cohesive, and developed series of images while re-examining an earlier success.

Software utilized: Adobe Bridge, Adobe Photoshop

Students’ final project typically includes completing a full series of images expanding on an earlier project. This allows students to feel encouraged to explore their strengths and exit the course with one well-developed project.